Brianne Rivlin

Writer, ETHNews

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over six years. For more than a year of that time, she has been heavily inundated with the blockchain, virtual currency, and Ethereum technology.

Digix Releases Marketplace UI
August 26th 2016
Digix Releases Their Marketplace UI
Digix Global, an asset-tokenization platform built on Ethereum which deposits digital gold into Ethereum user’s wallets, just released a video of their UI for their marketplace, DGX 2.0.
Coinscrum event
August 26th 2016
Coinscrum Event Presents Plutus
This coming Tuesday (Aug. 30) from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, guests are invited to Coinscrum’s {blockstars} event sponsored by Capco Digital.
Santander gold sponsor devcon2
August 26th 2016
Santander Gold Sponsor for DEVCON2 and More
Santander joins Microsoft, a premier sponsor of DEVCON2, with a Gold Sponsorship. Community sponsors include B9Labs, Omise, Oraclize, MyEtherWallet, Ethfans, and Ethereum beta.
Clearmatics cover financial times
August 24th 2016
Clearmatics on the Financial Times
Swiss bank UBS who has partnered with Clearmatics is leading a team of four of the world’s biggest banks to develop a system that will enable financial markets to make payments and settle transactions quickly utilizing the blockchain technology.

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