Dun bradstreet test ethereum blockchain
October 17th 2016
Dun & Bradstreet Test Ethereum Blockchain
Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., an American business services company started testing an open-source Ethereum blockchain for offering its proprietary corporate data to business customers.


Akasha announces pre launch
September 30th 2016
AKASHA Announces Pre-Alpha Launch
AKASHA, which stands for Advanced Knowledge Architecture for Social Human Advocacy just announced that their pre-alpha version of AKASHA will be launched in October.

Wallets And Exchanges



Law And Legislation


top image
October 10th 2016
Interview with Status: A Mobile Light Client Ethereum Messaging App
Status is an open source light client that operates similarly to a messenger app. Unlike, Mist, which is targeted for desktop computers, Status aims to bring Ethereum to users’ mobile Android and iOS devices, with a built-in messaging platform.


ETHNews interviews the owner of
August 31st 2016
Who is Ethereum Classic?
The month old community may have a powerful message, but we still do not know who they are. Arvicco provides ETHnews with some answers.


Open source how we use
October 18th 2016
Open Source and How We're Using It Today
Open source is a term that's thrown around a lot within the internet industry. But what does it truly mean, and why should users care? These are a few open source products that people are unknowingly using every day.

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