RSK labs release merge mining
November 24th 2016
RSK Labs Release Merge-Mining Ecosystem
On November 4, 2016 at the Latin America Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, RSK labs disclosed details on its Turmeric ecosystem.
Ethereum name service
November 3rd 2016
Ethereum Name Service Will Bridge the Gap to Mainstream Adoption
ENS lets users register and use human-readable names like 'vitalik.eth' instead of cryptographic addresses like '0x32b724f073ec346edd64b0cc67757e4f6fe42950'. Today, they launched on the Ropsten testnet.
Ethereum represented deutsche bundesbank conference
November 22nd 2016
Deutsche Bundesbank Conference
On November 21, 2016 through November 24, 2016, The German central bank will be collaborating with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and other supervisory authorities for the Deutsche Bundesbank Conference.
Upcoming ICO to follow
November 19th 2016
Top ICO’s on the Blockchain to Follow
With so many new Dapps and blockchain platforms launching their Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), we thought to highlight this past week's top players and their recent or upcoming crowdfunds.
Arcade city welcomes new mayor
November 18th 2016
Arcade City Christopher David Steps Down: Interview with the New Mayor
Christopher David decides to step away from his CEO position of “Mayor”, and hands the new title over to Ethereum community member, Bernd Lapp. ETHNews interviews Bernd Lapp on the crowdsale and new Arcade City developments.

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