SingularDTV Token Sale
August 29th 2016
SingularDTV Launches Token Sale
The tokens will grant access to pay and view content produced by SingularDTV.
Light clients ethereum network
August 26th 2016
Light Clients and Ethereum Networks
"Light clients can be seen as leeching off the network when they take data from other peers without the provision of data in kind. While they may be leechers in a technical sense, their assistance to the network does not go unnoticed."
Clearmatics cover financial times
August 24th 2016
Clearmatics on the Financial Times
Swiss bank UBS who has partnered with Clearmatics is leading a team of four of the world’s biggest banks to develop a system that will enable financial markets to make payments and settle transactions quickly utilizing the blockchain technology.
August 24th 2016
YoCoin: Now an Ethereum Based Cryptocurrency
YoCoin touted as the currency for millennials, is now making use of the Ethereum network for transactional and storage purposes.

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