ETH recap birthday
August 4th 2016
Ethereum Turns One: A Year Recap
Ethereum, the decentralized blockchain-based distributed computing platform that enables smart contracts, recently turned one on the public market. While there wasn’t a cake, balloons, or a party- it certainly deserves a written ovation for its accomplishments over the past year.
100 working on ETH
August 3rd 2016
I Am 100% Working on ETH
Today the Ethereum Reddit page became flooded with posts of tweets from some of the top names in Ethereum. Each tweet states: I am working 100% on ETH.
51 pool
August 1st 2016
Proposed 51% Attack on the ETC
A group called 51Pool is an anti-ETC group that is rallying together to execute the infamous 51% attack to destroy the ETC network.
Ethereum/Bitcoin ATM
August 1st 2016
The Ethereum and Bitcoin ATM
There's an Ether and Bitcoin Hybrid ATM out in the world!

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